The Jewboy

1/3 lb freshly ground beef with sautéed onions grilled into the patty covered with steamed, melted cheddar on a fresh Martin’s Potato roll. Topped with chopped lettuce, pickles & mustard.

Oy Vay Guey (way)

A JewBoy patty topped with roasted Hatch Green Chiles then covered with steamed pepper jack cheese with a little mustard on the bottom bun. 

sloppy jose

A JewBoy patty with bacon and Homeboy Chile con Queso poured on. 


A JewBoy Patty with grilled pastrami, bacon and melted swiss, pickles and mustard.  


A JewBoy with a latke of your choice placed directly on the burger. 

mero mero

Make any of our burgers a double.

Not Burgers

The mensch

Two crispy latkes with roasted Hatch Green Chiles and grilled onions smothered in melted cheddar and pepper jack cheese on a soft potato roll.

potato latkes

• The Bubbe’s Original Chopped Onion and Garlic
• Green Chile and Cheddar cheese
2 per order.  
Served with Spicy Ketchup or Sour Cream
Add a side of Homeboy Chile Con Queso $2


Yep, good ‘ol tater tots. A fat sack of them.

Homeboy chile conqueso and chips

A white cheddar based queso dip with roasted tomatillos and Hatch green Chile added to order.

Classic black & white cookie

Made from scratch. The ‘ol deli standby.